Hi, I'm Chazette!


I've always wanted a career where I could give back. Nurturing, educating and providing a space free of judgement for my clients is really important to me. I want you to come in and relax, leave the the stresses of everyday life behind you. When you leave I want you to feel rejuvenated in mind and body.

When I'm not at work you'll find me spending time with my two amazing daughters. We love to spend our time dancing, being silly and sharing new experiences together with each other. My family is everything to me.

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As a licensed esthetician for over 7 years. I feel it’s important to educate clients about the science behind skin care. How our skin health is often a reflection of what may be going on within our bodies. Especially as we age and our skin becomes a little more problematic. If you are looking for an esthetician that  searches for the latest and greatest skincare treatments, I am the girl for you!

I can't wait to meet you!
- Chazette

Candles & Plants

Look whose talking...

The whole experience was super relaxing and I felt fantastic when I left.


Spa Day